How to get to the church?

Which vehicle will you and your husband choose for the day of your marriage, in order to reach the wedding party’s venue after the ceremony?


This is without mentioning the moving of possible relatives coming from other locations : in this case, it will be necessary to rent an adequate vehicle.


For all this, you can rely on FUTURE SERVICE CAR, which will offer you the best you can find.


The etiquette of Matrimony includes a chapter on the Spouses Car and on the route to follow on the day of Marriage.

The final make-up touches will require a few minutes, as well as wearing the shoes you left aside until that moment in order to not soil them, so you can get them to adjust to your feet.

Even arranging the last rebel lock will take some time.

Usually it is then that the photography will snap some pictures inside the house, accompanying the bride in order to immortalize her as she gets on the Wedding car.

Thus, without hurrying, the FUTURE SERVICE CAR driver will lead the spouse to the church, where only in this case she will have to be late.

The couple’s car will be decorated by your florist, otherwise it will be us advising you on who to choose.

FUTURE SERVICE CAR offers high-class car rental services for ceremonies and events, performed with its luxury cars with driver service.

Rent your car for an unforgettable day… FUTURE SERVICE CAR will know how to make it special.